Special Issue: Satisfaction and Delight with Study Abroad


The purpose of this special issue is to explore student satisfaction and delight with study abroad programs (or SAPs). These programs are defined as experiences that, under the guidance of university faculty or staff members, combine academic content with relevant cultural activities (Hill and Iyer, 2010).

All methodological perspectives are welcome for this special issue of the Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior. Suggested topics for this special issue include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Study abroad as a TCE or extraordinary experience
  • Longitudinal satisfaction/dissatisfaction outcomes from study abroad
  • The impact of SAPs upon returning home
  • Aspects of the SAP that lead to superlative statements such as, “the best thing I’ve done in life.”
  • Faculty satisfaction/dissatisfaction leading and directing SAPs
  • Satisfaction with SAPs and the subsequent impact on alumni donations to colleges of business or sponsoring departments.
  • Why are some students dissatisfied with the study abroad experience?
  • Student discipline while abroad and its impact of overall satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
  • SAP destination countries and student satisfaction
  • The impact of alcohol consumption on the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with SAPs.
  • Communitas and satisfaction with study abroad.
  • Administrative policies, centralized study abroad planning, and faculty satisfaction leading and directing SAPs.
  • Satisfaction/dissatisfaction with SAP providers.
  • The impact of extraordinary events on SAP satisfaction/dissatisfaction (e.g., terrorist activities; the coronavirus).

Deadline for submission: September 15, 2020. Submit to Special Issue:  Satisfaction and Delight with Study Abroad Programs