Customer Care, Customer Satisfaction, Value, Loyalty and Complaining Behavior: Validation in a UK University Setting

  • Dave Webb
  • Abiodun Jagun


This paper examines the  importance  of customer care in a UK university setting. It  is argued following the analysis of an exploratory survey instrument that customer care  consists  of two main components, 1. a level of perceived care commitment, and 2. the behaviors manifested by this commitment. On the assumption that staff and student loyalty is linked to the financial strength of the university. the relationship  between  a number of conceptually Linked variables, for example, customer care, customer satisfaction,  perceived value, loyalty and complaining behavior is also examined. Correlation analysis of the presented conceptual model reveals significant positive associations between customer care and the above variables. Perhaps  the most revealing finding following structural analysis , pertains to the evidence of a strong and significant positive path coefficient between care commitment and complaining behavior. This finding is important in that it suggests a need for education institutions to view with greater importance both staff  and students (potential complainers) in a broader strategic  success  framework.  A complete review of the conceptual model, findings, implications for education managers  and  future  research suggestions are presented .
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