Explaining Brand Loyalty, Dealer Sales Loyalty and Dealer After-Sales Loyalty: The Influence of Satisfaction with the Car, Satisfaction with the Sales Service and Satisfaction with the After-Sales Service


  • Josee Bloemer
  • Koen Pauwels


Building on previous research concerning brand and dealer loyalty, this study combines three satisfaction variables - satisfaction with me car, satisfaction with the sales service provided by the dealer, and satisfaction with the after-sales service of the dealer- with the three corresponding loyalty concepts. We examine whether the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty exists, which kind of satisfaction influences which kind of loyalty and how the different types of loyalty influence each other. From our study, it can be concluded that satisfaction is an important determinant of loyalty. In general one may say that the corresponding types of satisfaction (brand, sales and after-sales) predominantly determine different types of loyalty (brand, sales and after-sales). Furthermore, the different types of loyalty seem to be interdependent.



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