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Catenazzo, Giuseppe, University of Geneva
Caughey, Carol
Celuch, Kevin
Celuch, Kevin, University of Southern Indiana (United States)
Celuch, Kevin G
Cervantes, Paola
Chan, Kimmy
Chang-Seok, Song
Chiao, Yu-Ching
Chiou, Jyh-shen
Cho, Yooncheong
Choi, Jiho
Choi, Seongwon, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chow, Clement
Cohn, Deborah Y, New York Institute of Technology
Coleman, Daniel
Coleman, Susan
Costley, Carolyn
Cote, Joseph
Cox, April
Crask, Melvin
Crawford, Elizabeth Crisp, North Dakota State University
Cruz Cardenas, Jorge, Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica
Curtis, Tamilla


Dabholkar, Pratibha

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