Taxonomy of the Influence of Other Customers in Consumer Complaint Behavior: A Social-Psychological Perspective


  • Ruoh-Nan Yan Colorado State University
  • Sherry Lotz University of Arizona


Most research in consumer complaint behavior (CCB) emphasizes the motivations for making complaints, complaint responses, and subsequent behavior; however, the role of interpersonal influence on CCB has drawn little attention. This study investigates CCB from a social-psychological perspective according to social facilitation effects and interpersonal influence literature. Based on a qualitative study via a modified critical incident technique, this study identifies four major categories consisting of 17 subcategories of interpersonal influence on CCB. The findings suggest that the mere presence (physical and mental) of other customers (acquainted and unacquainted) may play a critical role in consumers' decisions to make complaints in the service context. Sources of others' influences on complaint decisions are identified. Theoretical and managerial implications are discussed.



— Updated on 2022-02-04


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