Numbers Versus Words: A Comparison of Quantitative and Qualitative Data on Satisfaction with Complaint Resolution Efforts


  • Jeanne M. Hogarth Federal Reserve Board
  • Marianne A. Hilgert Federal Reserve Board


Using data from the Federal Reserve System's consumer complaint program, this paper explores the similarities and differences in consumers' quantitative evaluation and qualitative comments regarding their satisfaction with the program. Quantitative analysis was based on seven items from a consumer satisfaction questionnaire. The qualitative comments were evenly split between positive and negative. Some related directly to the work of the complaints program while others related to much broader issues. These two data sources appear to reinforce each other. The comments provide similar information to that gleaned in the quantitative portions of the questionnaire, but provide additional insights on the quantitative data, pointing out specific areas within the areas of timeliness, thoroughness, and communication that could be targets for improvement.



— Updated on 2022-02-12


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