Consumer Complaint Behavior: A comparison between Saudi Consumers and Filipino Migrants


  • Saeed Badghish King Abdulaziz University
  • John Stanton University of Western Sydney
  • Jonathon Hu University of Western Sydney


Purpose: Examines the consumer complaining behavior [CCB] of Saudi nationals and Filipino temporary migrants resident in Saudi Arabia focusing on differences in preferred forms of complaining and whether cultural differences are the cause.

Methodology/Approach: Samples are drawn from Saudi and Filipino residents in Saudi Arabia. A survey instrument covering a wide range of CCB variables was developed, tested and administered to each group. Data were analyzed in SPSS using descriptive statistics, t-tests and chi square analysis.

Findings: Significant differences were found between the two groups in their complaining actions. Temporary migrants portrayed a more careful and reticent approach to complaining. Demographic differences were excluded as causes as was length of stay of the immigrant group. Significant differences in cultural values between the two groups were found but further analysis found no systematic association within each nationality group between the strength of a respondent’s value dimension and their preferred complaint action.  The temporary, work-permit based status of the immigrant group was left as the likely cause of differences.  

Practical and Social Implications: Provides evidence that customer complaint  management should be tailored to culturally diverse groups; suggests potential for temporary migrant status to influence how migrants complain and draws attention to temporary migrants as consumers.

Originality/Value of the paper: Extends the study of CCB to an Arab culture and contrasts how temporary migrants, primarily guest workers, differ from the mainstream in their complaining actions. While establishing cultural differences between the nationality groups the study excludes these differences as the reason for the different complaining actions, drawing attention to the residency conditions under which temporary migrants reside. 

Author Biographies

Saeed Badghish, King Abdulaziz University

Marketing Department

John Stanton, University of Western Sydney

School of Business

Jonathon Hu, University of Western Sydney

School of Business