A Review of the Role of Satisfaction, Quality, and Value on Firm Performance


  • Thomas L. Powers University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Dawn Bendall Valentine Georgia Southwestern State University


Satisfaction, quality, and value as seen by the consumer ultimately results in market performance and financial outcomes for the firm. There has been a substantial body of research in this area and a review and synthesis of the literature is appropriate to conduct at this time. This overall process represents a series of complex relationships that is important to both to researchers and to managers. There are numerous linkages and relationships between the antecedents and consequences of satisfaction, quality, and value that cannot be easily viewed in research that addresses only a portion of this broad area. The article presents a literature review and conceptual model that seeks to comprehensively review the relationships between the many elements of this important area. The model presented can contribute to both the con-ceptual understanding and management of these marketing processes.



— Updated on 2022-02-07