Customer Satisfaction/Service Quality Research: The Defense Logistics Agency


  • John T. Mentzer Virginia Tech
  • Carol C. Bienstock Virginia Tech
  • Kenneth B. Kahn Virginia Tech


This paper overviews the initial stages of a project sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to examine logistics service quality in the DLA environment. A literature review of perceived service quality and attitude models provided antecedent justification that perceived service quality is an attitude best assessed through the adequacy-importance model, with value substituted for importance. Preliminary data collected through focus groups with DLA customers suggested five dimensions of logistics customer service within the DLA environment: timeliness, availability, quality, procedures, and responsiveness. Project experience also indicated
differences between customer satisfaction/service quality in a government environment versus a business environment. These differences provide implications for studying and managing customer satisfaction/service quality, both in the government and industrial sectors.