A Conceptual Look at the Influence of Relationship Structure on the Disconfirmation Process in a Business-to-Business Context


  • Susan L. Golicic University of Oregon
  • S. Allen Broyles The University of Tennessee
  • Robert B. Woodruff The University of Tennessee


Strong and cooperative relationships may provide opportunities for firms to develop sustainable competitive advantages and inherent barriers to competition, and to potentially increase customer satisfaction. However, there is not much evidence in the business-to-business literature supporting or refuting these linkages. This paper integrates the interorganizational relationship literature and the disconfirmation theory literature from consumer behavior to fill this gap. A conceptual model is presented to suggest how the structure of a buyer-seller relationship, which is composed of the two dimensions of magnitude and type, influences the process of disconfirmation and customer retention in the business-to-business context. Propositions are offered along with an agenda to guide further research in this area.



— Updated on 2022-03-01


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