What I Wish to Say About H. Keith Hunt


  • Douglas B. Grisaffe University of Texas, Arlington


Many years back now, Keith befriended me with great kindness when I was a marketing research practitioner. I had a Ph.D. and went directly into industry, but I still had somewhat of an academic mindset and curiosity about my work. Because the firm I worked for specialized in measuring, modeling, and managing customer satisfaction, I came across the CS/D&CB journal, and then found out about the conference. I decided to attend the conference to hear the papers and advance my knowledge. I met Keith in person. I loved the guy right off the bat. He was so kind, friendly, funny, and warm that we struck up an initial friendship. I would quickly learn that Keith’s personal style influenced the entire culture of the conference. It felt like a set of people whose respect for each other transcended their shared interests in academic topics, creating almost a sense of family. I appreciated the incredible openness to people of all stripes, from all kinds of places, with all kinds of different viewpoints, substantive interests, methodological approaches, etc., etc. TO KEEP READING, PLEASE CLICK ON THE PDF LINK FOR THE FULL ARTICLE.