Delighted Consumers Buy Again

  • Jessica Hicks
  • Thomas Page
  • Bridget Behe
  • Jennifer Dennis
  • Thomas Fernandez


This article extends current research on the role of moderating variables in satisfaction research by examining the role of prior knowledge on repurchase intention. Knowledge level is proposed to be a moderating variable of the relationship between satisfaction and repurchase intention as well as delight and repurchase intention. An Internet survey was conducted to examine an actual purchase experience, in this case the initial purchase and the perceived performance of a flowering plant following purchase. The results revealed that knowledge level did not have a moderating effect on the delight to repurchase intention path, nor did it moderate the satisfaction to repurchase intention path. The delight to repurchase intention path, however, reveals a significant impact on repurchase intention. The satisfaction to repurchase intention path is not significant in any model. Results are consistent with existing literature, indicating that greater emphasis should be placed on delighting consumers, rather than merely satisfying them.
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