H. Keith Hunt: Visionary and Mentor


  • David Aron Dominican University


H. Keith Hunt


When I am developing a project related to dysfunctional consumer behavior or otherwise looking at an article on consumer grudgeholding (that’s right, no hyphen!), the first name I look for in the references section isn’t mine. And that isn’t always easy. Because, you know, to be honest, alphabetical order has been kind to me in this profession. No, the name I seek out is that of H. Keith Hunt. I seek validity in the recognition of the scholar who created the field. TO KEEP READING, PLEASE CLICK ON THE PDF LINK FOR THE FULL ARTICLE.

Author Biography

David Aron, Dominican University

Professor of Marketing, Director of Graduate Programs and Executive Education

Dominican University

Brennan School of Business

Department of Management, Marketing, and International Business




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