Change as a Moderator of Inter-Firm Communication and Conflict Management in Relationship Continuity


  • Kevin Celuch University of Southern Indiana
  • John H. Bantham Illinois State University
  • Chickery J. Kasouf Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The present study merges work in the buyer-seller literature to address how perceived buyer-side change interacts with supplier perceptions of communication and conflict resolution to impact relational continuity perceptions. Understanding this process is important given the significance of communication and the ubiquity of change in relationships and that conflict resolution is often related to relational investments, satisfaction, and commitment. Survey data from representatives of metal parts producers in the automobile supply chain was analyzed with hierarchical regression analysis. Results suggest that supplier perception of manufacturer use of disclosure influences relational continuity through the process of conflict resolution. Further, the combined influence of supplier conflict resolution and change perceptions is important in understanding relationship continuity from the supplier side. Findings hold implications for marketing researchers and practitioners interested in how to maintain effective collaborative business relationships.



— Updated on 2022-02-02


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