TV-Shopping in Scandinavia: Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior


  • Toni Benterud National Institute for Consumer Research
  • Eivind Stø National Institute for Consumer Research


TV-shopping is a new distribution channel in Scandinavia, still waiting for a breakthrough in the market for goods and services. This paper focuses on consumer satisfaction/ dissatisfaction with the products distributed through TV-shopping, and the consumers' experiences with TV-shopping as a distribution channel. Our study shows that 1/3 of the TV-shoppers are dissatisfied with the purchase, and this is a high dissatisfaction level. However, this is almost entirely because of the low quality of products sold through TV-shopping. The problems related to the distribution process are viewed as small compared with problems connected with product quality. Only 5 % of the dissatisfied consumers do actually complain to the TV-shopping company or return the product. This indicates that consumers don't think it is worth while to complain or that they don't look at TVshopping as a serious distribution channel. Consumers are taking part in a lottery, and although the low quality is not expected, they are not surprised. They did not win the first prize.