H. Keith Hunt: Mentor and Friend


  • Jonathan C. Huefner Boys Town National Research Institute for Child and Family Studies


I met Keith Hunt in 1988 while I was a psychology graduate student at Brigham Young University. Our mutual point of contact was Peter Robinson, who was working with Keith on an entrepreneurship manuscript based on Peter’s dissertation. I was invited to review and revise the manuscript, and this was a great opportunity for me to potentially coauthor a published manuscript. This collaborative relationship went well, and Keith invited me to work with him on a couple of his other projects. Not content with simply allowing me to develop my research skills and build my professional resume (which alone was very beneficial), Keith obtained business school money and hired me as a research assistant. This allowed me early on to see Keith’s altruistic and generous nature. TO KEEP READING, PLEASE CLICK ON THE PDF LINK FOR THE FULL ARTICLE.




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